Adjustable Diameter Fasteners

Avibank manufactures adjustable diameter pins, bolts, and blind bolts for use in critical applications.

Adjustable Diameter Pin

Adjustable Diameter Pins incorporate expanding segments which completely fill the hole, resulting in zero clearance. The tight radial fit results in high tensile and shear strength capabilities. The cam handle allows for quick installation and removal of the pin and, to avoid inadvertent release, an automatic locking handle version is available.

Adjustable Diameter Bolts

Adjustable Diameter Bolts have a high clamp-up capability. The shear strength is comparable to a solid bolt. Even though the bolt completely fills the hole, it is easily removed without special tools.

Adjustable Diameter Blind Bolts

Adjustable Diameter Blind Bolts are easily installed and removed from one side only. Two or more mating structures can be clamped up, while at the same time, the hole is filled, and the parts are aligned.

Adjustable Diameter Specials

Adjustable Diameter Specials have been developed to be used in critical applications such as Helicopter Blade Attachments and as Engine Mount Pins & Bolts. Special adjustable diameter fasteners using tapered segments and an internal core are also available. Avibank specializes in the design and manufacturing of special designs.