Latches & Keeper Assemblies

Avibank is a major manufacturer of Latches, Latching Devices, Keepers, and Hinges.

Avibank is a major manufacturer of latches, latching devices, keepers, and hinges for applications that range from structural aircraft closures to computer access doors, to electronic cabinet RFI tension take-up devices.


Latch designs come in a multitude of materials, configurations, and strength capabilities.


Adjustable or non-adjustable keepers or eyebolts are mated with a hook or a rotary latch. These keepers are adjusted to apply the correct preload. Adjustable keepers can be adjusted to provide tension load to the latch while it is still engaged. Slotted holes in the mounting plate allow for adjustment. Special keeper housings are available for mounting.


Gooseneck hinges open doors out of the way. Various style spring-loaded plates are available to allow access to areas that require inspection.