Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins

Largest producer of quick release pins and fastening devices based on locking balls.

Single Acting Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins

Single Acting Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins are positive locking that require a push of the button to release the balls. Standard and Metric sizes available. To configure a part number, click on the links below:                  

                         Standard B Handle Pin   Standard LA Handle Pin
  Standard TA Handle Pin Standard R Handle Pin  
  Ground Handling Pin GT Handle              Ground Handling Pin GL Handle
  Cam Lever Pin Double Lock Cam Lever Pin
  Shackle Pin Adjustable Grip Length Pin
  High Tension Pin

Double Acting Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins

Double Acting Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins are positive locking that require a push or pull of the button to release the balls. Standard and Metric sizes available. Click here to configure.

Detent Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins

Detent Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins are non-positive locking that  pushes in and pulls out of the application with spring-loaded balls performing the impedance lock. Standard (click here to configure) and Metric sizes available.

Marine Pins

Marine Pins are Single Acting and Detent Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins made of non-corrosive stainless steel made for marine applications. Click here to configure.

Alignment Pins

Alignment Pins are used on doors, racks, and panel assemblies to align connector contacts, eliminate shear load damage to contacts and door assemblies, and to guide doors and panels to their proper position.


Receptacles provide locking for our Single Acting Ball-Lok® Quick Release Pins in blind applications and other applications when the parent material needs a hardened surface for the balls to lock against. A spring loaded plunger fills the hole preventing contamination when the quick release pin is not engaged. Receptacles can be riveted, threaded, or potted in place. To configure, click on the link below:
Standard Receptacle
Lightweight Receptacle
Mounting Plate


Attachments include lanyard and chain assemblies which can be connected to quick release pins to keep the pins permanently attached to the application. Warning Streamers are used with quick release pins in critical applications.

Wheelchair Axle Pins and Parts
Customizable wheelchair axle pins and parts.